IPV2 – Premium Completion Barrier Valve

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The IPV2 is a premium bi-directional completion barrier valve. The IPV2 features options of:

  • Remote Close & Remote Open through pressure application,
  • Mechanical Open or Close using intervention or mechanically closed and remotely open
  • Hydraulically opened or closed via control line.

The IPV2 is highly versatile & is ideally suited to deep barrier isolation in liner tops in conventional liner applications, gravel pack, sand screen applications, intelligent completions & multi-zone stimulation completions. The IPV2 can also be used as a Lubricator Valve.

The IPV2 may be deployed fully open, fully closed or closed with an integrated circulation facility allowing either forward or reversed circulation depending on application.

The IPV2 may be deployed with a work-string or stinger shifting tool allowing mechanical closing as part of the lower completion in readiness for remote pressure opening later when required.

The IPV2 incorporates our Patented Equalizing feature which allows pressure to fully equalize across the barrier ‘before’ opening which can be tailored to eliminate pressure surge.

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