IPV4  – Formation Saver Valve (FSV)

IPV4  – Formation Saver Valve (FSV)


The IPV4 is a valve solution for ESP completions designed to protect the formation from damage when the ESP ceases to pump.

  • Independently installed below the ESP, the IPV4 automatically opens when the pump is in operation and closes as soon as backflow activates the piloting mechanism.
  • A lock open facility gives the option to carry out intervention operations below the IPV4.


  • Normally-open ball valve
  • Normally-closed flow-sensing flappers
  • Non-elastomeric sealing designed for life-of-well longevity
  • Intervention lock-out feature to allow reservoir maintenance without the need for valve removal


  • Rapid closure due to finely tuned hair trigger prevents fluid column reversal
  • Normally-closed flappers act as debris catcher preventing sand/solids returning to the sandface
  • Maintains a fluid-filled completion for ESP startup without the need for surface top-up
  • Allows upper completion workover whilst maintaining fluid level within the well
  • Intervention lock-out feature allows reservoir maintenance without the need for valve removal

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