Stinger Valve – Fluid Loss Control Valve

The Precision Oiltools Stinger Valve is designed as a cost-effective solution for isolation between the upper and lower completion and enables intervention-less hydraulic opening, saving downhole trips and reducing intervention.
The Precision Oiltools Stinger Valve can be hydraulically opened by simply applying tubing pressure. The set opening pressure can be easily adjusted offshore to suit a variety of applications.
The Stinger Valve incorporates our patented opening feature which can be tailored to give ultimate control when opening so no pressure surge occurs.
Once open, the Stinger Valve can be mechanically opened/closed using a shifting tool an unlimited number of mechanical cycles.
The Stinger Valve isolates the formation below the uppermost gravel-pack packer, holding pressure from above and below, to help ensure complete formation isolation.
The Stinger Valve can be used in sand control frac-pack, gravel-pack, and standalone screen applications as well as intelligent and standard completions.

Stinger Barrier Valve FLCV Data Sheet-page-001 (1)

Stinger Barrier Valve FLCV DS-page-002

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