IPV1 – Intervention-less Precision Valve


The IPV is designed to be installed and run as an integrated part of the completion string or liner. This increases the efficiency of the installation process. The IPV doesn’t require any offshore personnel & can be set up to the Operators specifications onshore or opening setting can easily be adjusted offshore if operations change prior to RIH.
The IPV incorporates Precision Oiltools patented equalisation feature, before remotely opening the valve. This saves the Operator from a pressure surge during opening process which is integral to ESP completions.
The IPV can seal & provide a barrier in extreme well conditions, and also in wells with high differential pressure across the barrier.
Upon opening, the IPV will provide the completion with Full Bore ID for any future well intervention required.
Various Set-Up options for valve RIH. Counter Mechanism can be incorporated.
In addition to the built-in remote opening mechanism, a variety of opening options are available as a contingency. Full ID is always guaranteed after opening.

key to the IPV success is our ability to equalise the pressure before the valve is opened, this patented feature greatly reduces the fiction force on the valve mechanism ensuring it can open even under extreme loads

once pressure has equalised the ball will rotate and translate simultaneously to remove the ball from the ball seat, therefore the resultant friction force is negligible and the actuation force required to open the ball is greatly reduced ensuring flow is not compromised with a partial restriction within the well bore thus maximising well integrity – best in class!

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